Starmie debuts at Anime Expo 2016

Another Anime Expo is in the books, and what a fun one! This year, we formed a big Pokemon group in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the game. Thought it would be fitting to do one of the 151 that I grew up with.


Us taking pictures in the new Artist Alley location.

Waiting in line to get into the convention hall.

Got to snap a pic with this awesome Snorlax made by D-Piddy.

Another shot of D-Piddy and I.




Lastly, some shots over by the planters to make it look like I’m a wild Starmie. This cosplay, to my surprise, was well received despite it not being as elaborate or intricate as some of the other cosplays I’ve made. An original idea and good timing is really all it takes to be a big hit!

As always, a full build tutorial will follow for y’all to build one or something similar!

See you guys at the next con!