Davidson “d-slim” Sim is a California-based cosplayer. Although a regular con-goer since 2008, he didn’t start cosplaying until 2011. He started cosplaying with the intent of it being a “one-and-done.” However, he enjoyed every aspect of cosplaying and continues on.
He has been featured on different media for his cosplay, on brands including but not limited to Kotaku, IGN, Riot Games, and Machinima. He has competed in and won cosplay contests, most recently being a finalist at World Cosplay Summit USA in 2015.
His goal is to continuously challenge himself with more difficult projects and help other cosplayers by providing tutorials and build logs for aspiring cosplayers to leverage techniques.
In his own words:
Cosplay to me is a game. A puzzle. It’s engineering, artistry, acting, budgeting, time management, physical endurance, logistics and many more skills rolled up into bringing a fandom to life. I get to exercise all those skills and make things I really like.
I have pictures of each of my cosplays displayed on my wall and I every time I look at them, I feel a sense of accomplishment. “I built and wore each one of those. That’s me!” is what always goes through my mind. Winning competitions, internet virality, attention at conventions, those are all cool things. BUT, fundamental to it all is that I’m happy with the work I did, I put my best effort, I challenged myself, and had fun.
I want to give back to the community that has been supportive of me and my work. I continue to put out cosplay tutorials as well as work on full, comprehensive built logs to share with the community. I want to demystify any of the so-called “magic” behind my cosplay and offer techniques, inspiration, and jumpstart to aspiring cosplayers.
Cosplay has strengthened the bond with my family and friends. Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of each other, repairing my suit in-field, clearing the path in the hall, fancy photography and photo editing, and a long list of other things, cosplay has given us memories of teamwork and comradery. While I may be the designer, builder, and wearer, none of these projects would have been possible without family and friends.

Notable Awards/Recognitions:


Power Morphicon 2016 Best in Show

10670196_876885215656594_2830874852432684516_nWorld Cosplay Summit USA 2015 Finalist

logo-cosplaygenCosplayGEN #09 Feature

axlogo_standard_blackAnime Expo Masquerade 2014 Best in Show & Rose Award

1391856_344678295676062_2143666169_nCentral Coast Comic-Con 2013 1st Place

nintendo-gamer-logo-tumblrNintendo Gamer Magazine Issue 73 Cosplay Feature




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